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(GD Admin, 18:09:31 - 11 Apr 2014 - / )

Just for fun - Game Developers of Chaos logo in 3D. Assuming this works, the logo can be moved around using WASD keys. If it doesn't work, try firefox :)

(jlucard, 20:44:33 - 26 Feb 2013 - / )

C#Perhaps this topic is not as exiting as a tutorial about building a game of some sort. However map and level editors are part of the process, at least for projects complex enough to justify them. A functional editor can save time and effort as well as allow non-programmers to help with level design. The process of building such a tool involves thinking about data structures, file formats, the art pipeline, and other boring, yet essential, aspects of the problem.

(jlucard, 23:34:27 - 08 Apr 2011 - / )

C#Sometime ago I released “follow the line 3D” (aka roll game). Now quite a few people pointed to me that it would be good to add more features to this – more levels, a proper high score table and so on. Make it a more complete game, that sort of thing. Furthermore a few more (some programmers among them) were curious how you can use programming to make games like this one. I would have thought it is obvious, but apparently many of those who never tried game programming considering it something of a mysterious forbidden dark art. A bit like being a Ninja I guess. In reality there is nothing magical about it – if you can program in general, then you can program games. This would make an interesting topic for discussion but I am getting out of topic here.

(Alien, 16:40:59 - 30 Jun 2009 - / )

Aliengrounds LogoWell, Aliengrounds has been up a little while now but doesnt show much sign of settling into an organised site with punctual updates.

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