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(GD Admin, 18:09:31 - 11 Apr 2014 - / )

Just for fun - Game Developers of Chaos logo in 3D. Assuming this works, the logo can be moved around using WASD keys. If it doesn't work, try firefox :)

(Csirkefogo, 21:56:10 - 25 Nov 2012 - / )

It was always a pain for me to start a blog as I thought that I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the kingdom of interconnected bits.
This did not change, but now I found two interesting links that I wanted to share on this website, apart from the urge of making my first entry in chaos.
Sometimes I am bored enough to check sites like this one to see what new and/or innovative projects are around in the world.

(jlucard, 18:44:14 - 31 Jul 2012 - / )

Ever woke up in the morning (ok, more like mid afternoon) only to find out that the world around you had been spinning again and you didn’t even notice. That sort of happens to me a lot during the last few days. First the Olympics arrived and I did not even realise something was up until the mother unit called 5 minutes before the big ceremony begun. A day or so later I decided to go out during daytime to get some supplies and got ambushed by a giant lady Godiva riding some sort of bicycle powered Trojan horse with insufficient panelling.

(Alien, 16:24:06 - 24 Mar 2012 - )

sorry but i like a good pun in a title. this was originally a forum post but i ranted too long and desided to post it here. as such there's some bad grammer and the glare on this screen is too high to bother fixing the mistakes.

i happened to stumble across a screenshot i took in august 2008 of my router displaying my downstream rate. at the time i was pleased with how it read because it was the fastest broadband i had, well, had.

(jlucard, 22:16:26 - 03 Nov 2011 - )

C#Despite popular belief invisible pink unicorns and amateur game developers are way more similar than most unicorns think. Sure, unicorns are horny all the time and they can run faster because they have two in the power of two legs. However your average unicorn is also a hardcore geek who appreciates binary as much as any of us. In fact the unicorns’ binary nature is what distinguishes them from the more conventional and, let us face it, boring mammals seen on the discovery channel. Think about it, unicorns would like to be pink but at the same time they are invisible, which sort of makes having an obsessive compulsive colour preference a rather pointless exercise in futility. Amateur game developers are exactly like that, apart from not been invisible or having an unhealthy fixation with the colour pink (in most cases).

(jlucard, 18:27:48 - 21 Sep 2011 - )

C#In the past I published a number of source code files here. I never thought that anyone would complain about that. The fact I post buggy pieces of badly written C# in a website paid for from my unwanted cash pile doesn’t mean anybody out there has to actually use it. In fact most don’t – hardly anybody even reads what I write when it comes to that. Imagine then how surprised this particular dark overlord (me, I will destroy you) was when asked recently if he had a license to give away code for free! Apparently simply posting a source file in a public domain forum and saying “do whatever you fancy with this you kinky handsome bastard” is not enough for some people. There are laws and procedures to uphold. You can’t just go ahead and perform such despicable and extreme acts like being helpful to others nowadays; this constitutes antisocial behaviour. Bad overlord, go eat your dried frog pills now.

(jlucard, 23:41:30 - 21 Aug 2011 - )

Summer time is mostly associated with relaxing at a holiday destination, enjoying the sun, drinking cold beverages and having to care about nothing. That was the original plan anyway. None of my plans ever works but hey, if you fail to plan you plan to fail with no style at all. At least this plan appeared to work for the first 24 hours. See I figured I would avoid the August “rush hour” and take my holidays early – mid June to July.

(jlucard, 19:59:57 - 09 May 2011 - )

SkullGames programming is a bit of a dark art. This is not because it is that terrible secret nobody is willing to share with you. When it comes to secrets it is quite the opposite really – game developers are one of the friendlier mobs out there; half the time they are telling you their secrets regardless of whether you want to hear them or not. No, secrets have nothing to do with it. Making games is a bit of a dark art cause of all the cheating like there is no tomorrow needed to make them. You see, you could do things properly, the same way you would for a scientific simulation, and your game would just about run on a huge mainframe with a couple thousand processors. Alternatively you could lie, deceive, evade and compromise ensuring your game would run fine on much more modest hardware.

(NesCartesius, 11:27:59 - 12 Apr 2011 - / )

Last weekend I attended a panel in the aforementioned comic convention in Athens (info here). It is something i sometimes do, and this panel had a special appeal. The subject, quite obviously, was: "Comics and videogames: from paper to cartridge and pc!". The discussion started from the question whether computer games can tell a story, and how story telling in that industry works, but also raised some interesting questions about game development.

(Erebus, 00:08:10 - 02 Apr 2011 - / / )

Although Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology counts a few decades in the research labs, only the last five years has been used through consumer electronics introducing maybe the next videogame controller. In the last few years several new companies have started to make brain-computer interface (BCI) devices for gaming purposes.

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