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(NesCartesius, 18:22:06 - 11 Dec 2012 - / )

I am happy to announce that Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (BG:EE) is out and currently installed on my PC. I have allready progressed as much as my limited free time and attention span allow, and would like to share my thoughts.

The sum of it is that the game is pretty much the same, but improved. The major differences are high-res graphics (otherwise not changed) and the fact that the game engine has been replaced by the BGII engine. Also a few recruitable NPC's with their own quests have been added.

(NesCartesius, 18:10:44 - 11 Apr 2012 - / )

Some of you may know that I am a fan of the Baldur's Gate Saga. So, I would like to share with you some great news (Enhanced Edition in the making) and my insights into a still quite active modding community, that not only sought to improve the game, but recently proceeded to bring it to android devices.

(Erebus, 00:08:10 - 02 Apr 2011 - / / )

Although Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology counts a few decades in the research labs, only the last five years has been used through consumer electronics introducing maybe the next videogame controller. In the last few years several new companies have started to make brain-computer interface (BCI) devices for gaming purposes.

(NesCartesius, 19:20:15 - 13 Jan 2011 - )

Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) recently went Free. Or partly free. Since September (USA) and November (Europe) the game offers a free play option with an in game store. So after trying out WoW and DDO (see my previous blog entry for that), I decided to try out LOTRO as well.

(jlucard, 03:03:58 - 03 Jan 2011 - )

Fallout New Vegas Did anything interesting during Christmas? I did, I finished Fallout New Vegas (pathetic I know). I guess I couldn’t help it. I just love post-apocalyptic themes, especially when there is blood and gore involved. I have played all Fallout titles (even tactics) in the past and I am a big fan of the series and killing things in general. When Fallout 3 came out I got three days off work so I could play it and kill things. Three days during which I only went out to buy cigarettes. I couldn’t help that either as apparently post-apocalyptic landscapes are resplendent with cigarette packets. It makes me wonder if Marlboro is sponsoring them or something. Anyway, I liked this game so much I actually bought it twice as I wanted the collectable edition. Needless to say there was no way I would skip the new Fallout title, even if it meant creating a Steam account. Steam is not required for Fallout 3 but, unfortunately, is a mandatory requirement for New Vegas.

(NesCartesius, 23:29:24 - 07 Dec 2010 - )

I recently found had a couple of weeks of free time, and decided to play the World of Warcraft (WoW) 10 day free trial. When i was done with that I decided to also play Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO), just because it's free (even though it employs microtransactions for better items etc). I played both games only for a while, so this is not a review. After all, both games have been around for a while, and they have been reviewed and commented on extensively. I aspire only to draw a comparison between the two games, in a way that will hopefully be beneficial from a game developer's point of view.

(IamNinja, 21:48:34 - 29 Oct 2010 - / )

There will be no dawn for other video games when BLIZZARD will release the Diablo 3.....!!!

(jlucard, 18:30:22 - 29 Jul 2010 - / )

After a decade of waiting the game is finally out (unlike Duke Nukem forever). Problem is, Blizzard has changed. What do I mean by that? After the success of WOW, aka cash cow married gold egg laying hen, the new model is releasing a game in parts and making people pay again and again for the same title. So 40 pounds (what I paid in game on day one of the release) might sound a bit stiff for just the seven hours of gameplay of the human campaign but what the hell. I am made of money. It is not as if I got a life or anything. This is only the beginning though.

(jlucard, 17:34:31 - 26 Feb 2010 - / )

What do guitars have in common with gaming consoles? The answer is guitar hero, rock band and rock revolution. Those are fun games to play, even though you do have to buy one of them cheap looking ugly plastic controllers in order to do. Well, at least that was the case until fairly recently. It seems that finally someone decided to design a decent cool looking controller. The B.C.Rich Warbeast Game Controller is by far the coolest and most evil looking one on the market at this point in time.

(jlucard, 17:28:38 - 03 Feb 2010 - / )

Technology, marvellous and amazing, progressing at a furious pace – or maybe not. There is no shortage of new gadgets out there, or for that matter headlines about the new technological revolution – we get one of them every year. Yet is there anything really new? Placing a digital compass in a mobile device, like many phone manufacturers do these days, might sound innovative enough – it certainly widens the scope of possible applications. However the technology for making such components, or indeed devices with such capabilities, has been around for a while.

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