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Welcome to the new Games Developers website (version alpha 1.0). This community website is dedicated to game development (see the about page). Note that Internet Explorer version 7.0 or earlier does not render some elements of this website correctly. For best result upgrade to version 8.0, or even better use a proper browser like Firefox or Opera.
Entry key: The missing word, "I am the alpha and the ...", fallout 3 reference.
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(GD Admin, 00:51:03 - 12 Jul 2009 - )

It can be argued that the first half of July is a bit too early to declare the end of the summer holiday season. However even though the dark overlords can apparently float in water (or so claim the ancient paper-based storage media that deal with this matter) they are generally speaking night creatures and as such not particularly fond of the summer sun or water in general. This unique set of characteristics goes a long way into explaining the fact that there is no record of anyone ever successfully using a dark overlord as a floatation device. Anyway, the announcement that we are back from holidays already should not be that surprising really. The development of this website will continue shortly with the introduction of more sadistic features. Always happy to inconvenience…

June Break 2009
(GD Admin, 19:10:28 - 18 Jun 2009 - )

The dark overlord of chaos decided to go abroad and cause trouble in one of them - soon to be embraced by darkness - Mediterranean countries. It is unclear whether a decent internet connection can be found in the unfortunate target area. As such further development will have to wait until July, whereupon I shall return from my crusade of terror. In the meantime some volunteers have been forced to undertake the task of moderating the forums/blogs. The magic key for registering to the website is the name of the elf character in Alien’s not so well drawn comic book.

GD Chaos Edition - Alpha Version 1.6
(GD Admin, 23:05:27 - 14 Jun 2009 - )

Yet another step forward. The new version fixes a few CSS problems including that bug that allowed breaking the forum layout completely by posting… that thing - even though it is fixed now it will have to remain a secret since it is not a good idea to advertise things that can potentially break many other websites. Another change was adding an additional “friends” block to the right sidebar. Since there is also a similar option on the menu this is redundant – one of them will have to go. I haven’t made my mind yet as to which one I like best, so if you have strong opinions about it drop me a line.

GD Chaos Edition - Alpha Version 1.5
(GD Admin, 21:14:39 - 07 Jun 2009 - )
Thanks to the invaluable help of our masochistic army of Aplha Testers a number of errors have been identified, many of which have been resolved. There are still issues to address and some new things to test (hey, what happened to the menu). This week, the magic words for those of you who are interested to join the alpha testing phase of this website, are kill all humans in capitals.
GD Chaos Edition - Alpha Version 1.0
(GD Admin, 16:19:11 - 25 May 2009 - )

Finally after a long wait the new Games Developers website is here. Currently the website is in alpha version, meaning that only a selected few have access to it. The official release will happen when it is ready – assuming the alpha testers do not find an awful lot of problems this might not take long. If you are interested to participate in the alpha testing phase contact the user jlucard (can do so through the old website or messenger if you know his details). If not, then check this space again later.

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