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Welcome to the new Games Developers website (version alpha 1.0). This community website is dedicated to game development (see the about page). Note that Internet Explorer version 7.0 or earlier does not render some elements of this website correctly. For best result upgrade to version 8.0, or even better use a proper browser like Firefox or Opera.
Entry key: The missing word, "I am the alpha and the ...", fallout 3 reference.
Batman Arkham Asylum
(Alien, 22:51:55 - 16 Dec 2009 - )

Batman gameWelcome to the first game review on GDChaos. I shall keep the reviews relatively short because, if you wanted to spend a lot of time getting to know a game, I'm sure you'd rather buy it than read about it.
The game of choice today is “Batman Arkham Asylum”.

Gaming Platforms - Simple Consoles, Complex PCs
(jlucard, 00:52:48 - 06 Dec 2009 - / )

Black black X-Box consoleNow, I am not trying to start a console versus PC war, yet some civilised discussion on the topic could be constructive. Clearly there is a shift in favour of the console market, and has been for some time now. Hard not to notice really, the local store now hides PC titles (the small number that can be found there anyway) to the most inaccessible area of the store. Furthermore you get looks of disbelief when you approach them. Even more annoyingly, every time I buy one of those titles the local salesman tends to ask me if my machine spec is good enough. This is weird considering salesmen in general are normally there to sale things. How would that work if he made me change my mind? In any case, this is an important factor that could somehow explain the current trend.

Click to Respawn
(Alien, 20:12:10 - 27 Nov 2009 - / )

The Master of systemsWelcome fellow forum members!(and the various split personalities of our administrator/dictator)
Although not development related, at least this blog is game related, seems like a novelty lately to cover such a subject on this forum.
Now, a brief history. I started gaming as soon as I could co-ordinate my limbs. Interestingly, I was conquering levels before I learnt how to ride a bike. Originally, I favoured consoles. They we're fun, quick and purpose built controllers. Unfortunately, as with everything in life, this world took a downfall. It seemed to coincide with the introduction of the PS2. Console games became bland and boring, it was at this point which I switched fully over to PC gaming.

Google Chrome OS
(Erebus, 19:02:06 - 23 Nov 2009 - / )

Google Chrome OS is based on the Linux operating system and is set to have a publicly available stable release during the second half of 2010.

I had the chance today to test the first version of this OS using Virtual box from my "Linux-box". :p

File-sharers internet ban!
(jlucard, 20:55:24 - 08 Nov 2009 - )

According to research file sharers belong to the group of people that purchase most legitimate music. I find this extremely amusing, since it implies the music industry are out there trying to batter their core customers into oblivion. Apparently the general idea been discussed at the moment is to disconnect such people from the net after three warnings – that would show them people buying our products. At the same time in another place in the world, a rather cold place when it comes to that, access to broadband has been branded a human right. Now I know next to nothing about law but it would seem to me that disconnecting someone there could be illegal. To make things even more complicated it seems what those countries are doing is irrelevant since the European Union is going to have the final word when they finish updating their telecommunications laws. Under such conditions, any debate on the matter on a national level seems to be as useful as a condom machine in the Vatican. In fact, there is no need whatsoever for me to even blog about it.

Art of Programming?
(jlucard, 14:31:44 - 04 Oct 2009 - )

Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee by Rembrandt Forget about Rembrandt. Everybody is an artist these days. All it needs is the ability to put bricks into context – Tate gallery occasionally displays masterpieces like that. Apparently anything and anyone can be art, including (and why not really) programming. In light of the ever expanding and increasingly hazy definition of what art is, arguing against it can indeed be problematic. For one thing, no one can argue against programming been a creative pastime. Like engineering, mathematics and poetry it involves employing a range of different techniques and a bit of inspiration to produce a composition relating to a particular subject. More or less the exact same thing that can be said about far more trivial activities such as cooking! Unfortunately so far Tate has refused to exhibit my lazagnia. This is where the argument is starting to go wrong I guess.

GD Chaos Edition - Alpha Version 1.67
(GD Admin, 11:42:41 - 13 Sep 2009 - )

Not much of a new version really. Most of the time was spent on checking visitor IP addresses against a database of known forum troublemakers. This was a quite time consuming yet necessary exercise – automating this could save a lot of time. The new magic word for those who wish to register is the last word of this post. On a different topic, does anyone know if European swallows can carry coconuts?

The end of an era..
(GD Admin, 16:27:48 - 30 Aug 2009 - )

The original website for Games Developers is now officially dead. As such www.gdchaos.net is now the official and lone games developers’ website. Killing the old website before the new one was completed was not desirable. However the ageing software solution that powered it had numerous security vulnerabilities. Furthermore hardly anyone was using the old website anymore. I realise that shutting it down so soon and with the minimal amount of forewarning might have caused inconvenience to some people. It was however inevitable that it would happen at some point and bringing that date forward was the only reasonable thing to do when considering the circumstances.

GD Chaos Edition - Alpha Version 1.66
(GD Admin, 23:52:34 - 04 Aug 2009 - )

A new section has been added to the forum. The voices in my head told me to do it. They said that it will keep the chicken happy. The new improved GD chaos now features a mad scientist laboratory forum. This is the place to discuss hardware, as opposed to software related, issues. Ta…

GD Chaos Edition - Alpha Version 1.65
(GD Admin, 23:18:31 - 26 Jul 2009 - )

Yet another update, though this one was rather insignificant in terms of impact as it add no new features. The main aim for this update was to fix some bugs relating to the presentation of blog entries and to shorten/beautify the URL addresses for the forum and blog nodes. It also added a new entry to the friends list. That said, the “friends” menu option has been exterminated. No worries though, it is still possible to access that page by clicking more on the friends block situated at the right sidebar. The final, and perhaps most important change was upgrading to a newer version of Drupal (the engine that powers this site). The process was an almost painless with only the minimum amount of downtime, cryptic error messages, frustration and swearing typically associated with such tasks. It seems that the site has survived the process. Finally, the magic word required for registration has changed to the name of the robot in the Futurama series.

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