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Entry key: The missing word, "I am the alpha and the ...", fallout 3 reference.
Implementation of a linked list in C# (version 2)
(jlucard, 01:37:22 - 27 Jun 2010 - )

C#I decided to repost the linked list code with some amendments after upgrading to C# 2010 and discovering that some minor changes were indeed needed. Since I was going to do this (update the code) it made sense to improve it somehow, especially in the documentation front. The whole point here was not simply to make the code working but to somehow add some tutorial flavour to it. As such there are lots of commends explaining what happens and why, in what I hope is an easy to understand way. Apart from minor changes the code is the same as the one posted initially. The only notable difference is the addition of a couple of functions that make it possible to access the list elements using “foreach” statements. I hope someone somewhere might find this useful (I did since I am rather new to this language). If you are simply not interested in lists or C# please do suggest topics for future tutorials. Making such material seems like a good way of killing a few hours here and there whenever I got nothing better to do.

GD Chaos - Update 06 MAY 2010
(GD Admin, 08:09:14 - 06 May 2010 - )

A very quick update - the only thing changed is the friends list. Added this cool website called DotGif, If you never been there before do so now. DofGif is an on-line comic that is so meta that there are no words to describe../../.. All hail Hypnotoad.

GD Chaos - Update 12 APR 2010
(GD Admin, 02:04:45 - 12 Apr 2010 - )
GD Chaos - Update 19 MAR 2010
(GD Admin, 10:11:39 - 19 Mar 2010 - )

Every single user so far has asked the question - how can I see a list of the rest of the users? Decided to finally implement this feature. If you are logged in then a link to the list of users should appear in the who is on-line block - "registered users". Also been experimenting with the registration process.

GD Chaos - Update 6 MAR 2010
(GD Admin, 02:51:51 - 06 Mar 2010 - )

Updated website engine. Seems to be working - let me now if you encounter any problems. Hic.

B.C. Rich - Warbeast Controller
(jlucard, 17:34:31 - 26 Feb 2010 - / )

What do guitars have in common with gaming consoles? The answer is guitar hero, rock band and rock revolution. Those are fun games to play, even though you do have to buy one of them cheap looking ugly plastic controllers in order to do. Well, at least that was the case until fairly recently. It seems that finally someone decided to design a decent cool looking controller. The B.C.Rich Warbeast Game Controller is by far the coolest and most evil looking one on the market at this point in time.

Implementation of a linked list in C#
(jlucard, 20:50:00 - 14 Feb 2010 - )

C#What was the last time you implemented one of them traditional data structures? I was in the local pub with a fellow fossil of the pre-windows programming era, drinking and complaining about how thing are not like they used to be. Those new programmers have nothing to do, argued my friend – cut and paste this, use some libraries, drag and drop a bit and it is done. What was the last time you implemented one of them traditional data structures then? Hic. My answer at the time was that it was probably at some point in the beginning of the decade. Even though I am nostalgic about them old days, I am still a programmer and as such lazy by definition. What is the point of implementing a list for instance, when the programming language of your choice offers such a structure fully debugged, optimised and ready to use. I must have had a bit more whisky than I do usually because later, as I was sobering up, I decided to do just that!

The Recycling Apple
(jlucard, 17:28:38 - 03 Feb 2010 - / )

Technology, marvellous and amazing, progressing at a furious pace – or maybe not. There is no shortage of new gadgets out there, or for that matter headlines about the new technological revolution – we get one of them every year. Yet is there anything really new? Placing a digital compass in a mobile device, like many phone manufacturers do these days, might sound innovative enough – it certainly widens the scope of possible applications. However the technology for making such components, or indeed devices with such capabilities, has been around for a while.

Motherboard Designed Using Feng Shui Principles
(Erebus, 13:10:16 - 09 Jan 2010 - )

Fengtek released their first motherboard based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui.
Charles Huang, CEO of Fengtek, said he had been "looking for a way to combine modern technology with traditional Asian wisdom."

Escape from Planet Earth
(jlucard, 13:55:36 - 30 Dec 2009 - )

EarthEarth, a small piece of debris with an almost circular orbit rotating around an otherwise unremarkable star. The inhabitants of this insignificant spherical world are called humans and they are a boring lot. The main interest of humans is finding ways of getting money, as much as they can possibly get without getting in trouble, so that they can use them to pay bills and buy junk. When they are not chasing money they are either wasting their time thinking of the act of reproduction (apparently some actually reproduce occasionally), or simply killing their brain cells with alcohol and television sets. The most significant achievement of the human race has been that of remodelling the environment surrounding it in such a way that possessing those exact traits is necessary for survival. As such if another intelligent life form was to emerge and/or if an alien race was to colonise the planet, then they would have to outperform humans in terms of money seeking and brain killing activities in order to avoid extinction. Not much chance of that happening when it comes to that. Earth possesses one of the most hostile environments in the galaxy - a stable, risk-free society, where free speech is allowed as long as it is politically correct. Enduring this climate and achieving nothing substantial day after day is a tough thing to do even for the native inhabitants of this forsaken place who have been practicing on wasting their lives religiously for years. The slightest hint of creativity or deviation from the standard behavioural pattern could (and often does) have catastrophic consequences. It comes to no surprise that many of the most intelligent, creative or otherwise non-conformist human samples often end up as outcasts, asylum inmates or suicide victims.

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