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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the deal with the entry key in the registration form?

The magic word(s) is/are employed as a mechanism to prevent automatic registration by spam software. Only users that know this password can create accounts. There are two paths to obtain this. The first one is to ask for it! The administrators and moderators will be happy to give this to you if you can persuade them you are a real person (as such we might ask you a few questions to make sure you not made of silicon). The second one is to guess it. Clues as to what the password is might be found in the front page.

2. What if a spammer gets the magic word?

It will eventually happen. For this reason all users in this website start as minions – everything they post is moderated before been published. In other words, the password will not do anyone any good unless they pass a Turing test by posting relevant and free of suspicious content posts for a period of time.

3. I just posted something but my message is not shown! Why?

If you are a new user your posts will be added to the moderation queue and will not be published until a moderator has the chance to approve them. This might take a bit of time because we are lazy. On the plus side, users that make meaningful contributions over a period of time eventually get promoted and are given permission to post without moderator approval.

4. Why was my account deleted?

This can happen for a number of reasons. Posting inappropriate or copyrighted content is the most likely one. In some cases there might be no reason at all. New accounts of users that have never posted anything for a while after been created might simply get deleted simply because they never posted anything. This might sound like a weird policy to adopt, but then again, what is the point of having accounts for people who only visited the site once or twice.

5. Where are Google adverts?

No Google adverts anymore – hosting this site does not cost that much. The dark overlord for chaos is willing to pay for those expenses out of his own pocket for as long as he can afford it. Any advertising for external sites that might occur will be offered free of charge, simply because the overlord might want to support a worthy cause or idea.

6. Who owns the content published here?

You are, as long as it was yours to start with. Users keep ownership of anything they upload or post and are given the rights to delete those if they decide to. One exception is the forum posts – those typically can’t get deleted easily as the post chain might be broken making threads there unreadable. You still have ownership of any forum content you post, but whatever gets posted there might have to stay there for practical reasons.

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