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About Games Developers
Games Developers is a community website run by the dark overlords of chaos, a group of friendly misanthropists who like computer games and programming. The aim of this website is to allow discussing game programming and art without actually having to meet real people (we hate those). The assortment of lunatics that run this asylum believes that making games is even more fun than playing them. Computers offer a vast potential for creative expression and it all comes in one conveniently compact and relatively cheap rectangular box made of metal and plastic. The epitome of everything artistic (and programming is art as well) that can be done with a computer is developing games, one of the most demanding multi-disciplinary subject areas. The new improved Games Developers website aspires to become a meeting place for those brave enough to embark on such a perilous adventure and, hopefully, act as a spawning ground for ideas, projects and independent/hobbyist development groups.

For any enquires regarding this website, suggestiing improbments and reporting bugs and/or inappropriate content contact the administration team.

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