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(Csirkefogo, 21:56:10 - 25 Nov 2012 - / )

It was always a pain for me to start a blog as I thought that I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the kingdom of interconnected bits.
This did not change, but now I found two interesting links that I wanted to share on this website, apart from the urge of making my first entry in chaos.
Sometimes I am bored enough to check sites like this one to see what new and/or innovative projects are around in the world.
First I encountered these which I know would be maybe of interest of a particular owner of this website, so that is the reason for sharing it. Later ( around after 5 minutes) I found this project which I just found amazing.
I am a great fan of video courses as I feel they contributed much to my existing knowledge, and for $2 this could be an amazing introduction to someone interested in games programming from scratch.

So that’s all from me for today….

Have a great evening all ;)

Alien's picture
20:18:47 - 27 Nov 2012
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some interesting projects there. im sure there are probably some tutorial videos on youtube if I had the energy to bother searching.
maybe i shall over the next few months to help with a project of my own

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