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Topic - If I could just have my attention please...
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21:18:09 - 03 Oct 2012

Not to get into personal details, but I am currently a final year student at university and due to some rather irritating medical circumstances I had a difficult time getting through the previous year. Seeing as this year will be harder.... alot harder, I was mildly worried about how I would cope this year if things went the same way.
Due to my circumstances, I can have a rather difficult time conenctrating even on things I am interested in. This is a big hinderence in a lecture theatre, so this year I thought I would try (with the lecturers permission) to record the lecture on camcorder so I can view it over again if I couldn't concentrate at that time. This would also have the added bonus of going over things again if I didn't understand them the first time through :)
As it is the beginning of the year, I have only had 1 lecturer give me permission and earlier today I did a test record in their introductory lecture. The lecture was relatively short, with some good (and bad) jokes thrown in. Because of these points and that it was a good day for me I had no problem paying attention during the lecture. Atleast thats what I thought.
Whilst reviewing the half hour I recorded before my camcorder battery died (it lasts for just shy of 2 hours normally so this was my fault) I noticed quite a number of occasions where the lecturer said things I didn't hear the first time round. Of the 30 minutes maybe a total of 3-4 minutes was completely new material to me. Had the lecturer added them into my recording afterwards without me noticing? More likely is even when I think I'm paying full attention to something my mind must be wondering. Whether I'm thinking about the topics discussed or even just what I want for dinner even I couldn't tell you. What is clear is that I need the rest of my lecturers to agree to allow me to film (and take my power lead with me)

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00:33:23 - 05 Oct 2012

Actually missing just 4 minutes out of 30 is not bad at all. Your attention span seems to be rather good. It is easy to drift off even if you like the topic simply because something you heard might have just given you an idea for a project/crazy experiment or simply because you need to cross reference it in your mind with something else you know. This is why I like books so much - unlike lecturers they come with a build in pause facility that allows you to diggest the information before attempting to load and process more data. On a deferent topic, boodytrapping the lecture room with live electricity cables would definately provide you with something interesting to film :)

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05:42:35 - 05 Oct 2012

What actually happened is that a glitch in the Matrix was fixed. The Reality Auditors added the 4 minutes in the recording after the lecture was over.

As far as books are concerned, I have to point out that a certain e-book retailer has been known to ammend content or even delete entire books without warning. That's why i like paper. It's a revolutionary technology that offers almost complete data safety (fire and water are a danger to electronics anyhow).

On a more serious tone, attention span is sometimes a matter of rest. Well rested people can put in the extra effort, tired or sleepy people may drift away. That is usually my case (and most people). Very rarely, hyperactive people can focus better when they are just a bit tired and less likely to pursue anything that strikes their fancy, but it's not something you can count on.

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