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Topic - ssd
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14:05:21 - 16 Sep 2012

i have an SSD (Solid State Drive), its a sata 3 and the highest level port i have is sata 2 so although i dont get the full benefit my sata 2 port is atually being used to its full potential which is better than the 5400 or 7200RPM HDD i had prior. its great, silent, runs cooler, fast and only cost me £70 for 120GB. which is a good price for SSD. except i got an email today from the store i bought it from to inform me the drive is now on offer for £50 SATA 3 SSD
just thought i'd share...

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17:53:06 - 17 Sep 2012

That didn't work very well as an investment, did it... Then again in 150 years or so maybe your SSD will gain value again :)

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