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Topic - Chess
yanikula's picture
  • Class: Chaos Acolyte
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07:56:41 - 26 Apr 2012

Would anyone be interested in playing e-mail chess ?

jlucard's picture
  • Class: Overlord
  • Posts: 219
  • Blogs: 22
00:20:21 - 28 Apr 2012

I couldn't possibly.. I am inpatient, very very impatient. If you take more than an hour to answer i will end up having no finger nails. Also in the unlikely event you don't email me back your move for a couple of days I will probably will have to be kept in a nice white room wearing a rather fancy white jacket.

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NesCartesius's picture
  • Class: Inquisitor
  • Posts: 101
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23:40:05 - 29 Apr 2012

As for me, I also play fast games, almost blitz (having initially learned by playing against our darker than darkness host). Plus, I would probably feel i have to research every move too much for my liking. Not entirely averse to the idea, but I really can't commit.

yanikula's picture
  • Class: Chaos Acolyte
  • Posts: 1
  • Blogs: 0
12:51:00 - 04 May 2012

Given that it took me about a week to answer to any of your messages, it probably isn't a good idea...
It is cool that you answered though.

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