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No Moore here
(Alien, 16:24:06 - 24 Mar 2012 - )

sorry but i like a good pun in a title. this was originally a forum post but i ranted too long and desided to post it here. as such there's some bad grammer and the glare on this screen is too high to bother fixing the mistakes.

i happened to stumble across a screenshot i took in august 2008 of my router displaying my downstream rate. at the time i was pleased with how it read because it was the fastest broadband i had, well, had.

the screen read as follows: downstream rate - 8123kbps
upstream rate - 446kbps

now, i started gaming on a 56k dial up modem (cuz im 1 of the youngest here) and i remember how cool that was. then i was there for high speed broadband of 512kbps which was super fast. then it went up to a meg, then 2 meg, then it skipped a bit and went to 8 meg which was as fast as i'd ever need it to be. i mean that could even download a gigabyte in under 20 minutes. unfortunately as computers have done since the birth of cavemen (atleast thats what my first year computer architecture lecture would display on his slides), the size of files increased. now you'll be hard pressed to watch a 20 minute video thats under 100meg. iplayers 30 minute videos seem to be around 300MB, and then you have high def videos which are just getting silly. has this affected my fair usage allowance? yes it has. in an age where everything is of high quality on the internet and everybody in the family has atleast 1 device thats connected to the router, my fair usage allowance is 40GB (give or take) a month. now, compaire this to when i started the plan. No such thing as a phone that connected to your home router, no ipads (but yes there were tablets, its just no1 wanted them because they didnt have a use for them, now days you seem to buy first and find a use later.), consoles could connect to the internet but it wasn't as fun as doing it on a PC, and only 1 or 2 members of the family would use the computer. my allowance then was a rather reasonable Unlimited.

wait, what? when i didn't have everything needing to connect to the internet i could download hundreds of gigabytes worth of data (and i probably did) but now that in my household i have, from what i can count in my head, 8 devices connected to the router. not just 1 or 2. 8. Eight. EIGHT!

But this is the future now, or atleast it was 10 minutes ago, so nearly 4 years on what does my route say about my broadband speed?

downstream rate - 8191
upstream rate - 1019

Fortunately, we seem to be on the edge of another landline jump in speed. with more fiber optic cable being laid everyday, soon i will be able to say "my broadband speed is 16000kbps and my allowance is 10 gigabyte a month"
1999 me would be jealous, but then he only had 1 computer and a gigabyte would take up a quarter of his harddrive.

jlucard's picture
16:22:43 - 25 Mar 2012
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That is humans for you alien. For every problem we solve we invent a brand new one - I bet by the time we got fiber optics everywhere we will need faster than light speeds. As for the "fair" allowence limits don't get me started on this one... By the way your spelling and grammer is indeed in urgent need of repair - humanise is a difficult language to master :)

Chain smoking makes you thin

Alien's picture
00:47:52 - 26 Mar 2012
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years of internet gaming and irc means instead of "you" i type "u" but use contractions correctly. this gives the stupid looking writing of "u'd", "u'll" and "u've" and never a capital letter in sight. this has meant essays take twice as long to proof as open office doesnt flash them all up in spell check

2's compliment, 3's a crowd

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