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(Alien, 16:24:06 - 24 Mar 2012 - )

sorry but i like a good pun in a title. this was originally a forum post but i ranted too long and desided to post it here. as such there's some bad grammer and the glare on this screen is too high to bother fixing the mistakes.

i happened to stumble across a screenshot i took in august 2008 of my router displaying my downstream rate. at the time i was pleased with how it read because it was the fastest broadband i had, well, had.

(Alien, 08:18:24 - 11 Feb 2011 - )

i have rather recently come into possession of a laptop. the laptop as standard shipped with a 32bit version of win7. being a geek i have a natural hatred for things that are excessively user friendly and so went looking for an OS that catered for me. this was the perfect opportunity to install a linux distro as i wont be using the laptop for gaming.

(Alien, 22:51:55 - 16 Dec 2009 - )

Batman gameWelcome to the first game review on GDChaos. I shall keep the reviews relatively short because, if you wanted to spend a lot of time getting to know a game, I'm sure you'd rather buy it than read about it.
The game of choice today is “Batman Arkham Asylum”.

(Alien, 13:17:36 - 03 Dec 2009 - )

I hear it in the silence. It's a scream that can not be heard. A cry that eminates from nowhere and everywhere.
It stops.
I know I heard it, though it was never there.
It comes again. A noise that tears through my soul. Violating my being.
It stops.
It was louder still, yet never there.
Perhaps it never stops. Perhaps hearing for it gives it a volume which it can't have. I don't understand. An abscence of nothing? A quietness in the silence? Whatever it is it's deafening and I can't bear it!

(Alien, 20:12:10 - 27 Nov 2009 - / )

The Master of systemsWelcome fellow forum members!(and the various split personalities of our administrator/dictator)
Although not development related, at least this blog is game related, seems like a novelty lately to cover such a subject on this forum.
Now, a brief history. I started gaming as soon as I could co-ordinate my limbs. Interestingly, I was conquering levels before I learnt how to ride a bike. Originally, I favoured consoles. They we're fun, quick and purpose built controllers. Unfortunately, as with everything in life, this world took a downfall. It seemed to coincide with the introduction of the PS2. Console games became bland and boring, it was at this point which I switched fully over to PC gaming.

(Alien, 16:40:59 - 30 Jun 2009 - / )

Aliengrounds LogoWell, Aliengrounds has been up a little while now but doesnt show much sign of settling into an organised site with punctual updates.

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