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Entry key: The missing word, "I am the alpha and the ...", fallout 3 reference.
Music for programming
(animaniac3k, 22:36:49 - 08 Dec 2014 - )

Yo ho ho and a bottle of digital rum!

Hello I am Machinoid! I am a computer that likes music. Everytime music happens to me I try to record it. Here is some I recorded earlier:


I like music for programming. It focuses your mind, takes you to different aural landscapes, shuts the world out when you code.

I am going to record more of it as it happens. I 'll let you know.

Happy coding!

Machinoid - The musical computer

Experimenting with three.js
(GD Admin, 18:09:31 - 11 Apr 2014 - / )

Just for fun - Game Developers of Chaos logo in 3D. Assuming this works, the logo can be moved around using WASD keys. If it doesn't work, try firefox :)

A Simple Game Map Editor
(jlucard, 20:44:33 - 26 Feb 2013 - / )

C#Perhaps this topic is not as exiting as a tutorial about building a game of some sort. However map and level editors are part of the process, at least for projects complex enough to justify them. A functional editor can save time and effort as well as allow non-programmers to help with level design. The process of building such a tool involves thinking about data structures, file formats, the art pipeline, and other boring, yet essential, aspects of the problem.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is out (UPDATED)
(NesCartesius, 18:22:06 - 11 Dec 2012 - / )

I am happy to announce that Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (BG:EE) is out and currently installed on my PC. I have allready progressed as much as my limited free time and attention span allow, and would like to share my thoughts.

The sum of it is that the game is pretty much the same, but improved. The major differences are high-res graphics (otherwise not changed) and the fact that the game engine has been replaced by the BGII engine. Also a few recruitable NPC's with their own quests have been added.

Corrupted database
(GD Admin, 17:42:53 - 26 Oct 2012 - )

Seems like the database for this website got corrupted a couple of days ago. It appears to be fixed now - some recent posts might be lost but who cares right. Let me know if you encounter any problems other than the ones you have already got used to and have stopped nagging me about. I will try to ignore you a bit less this time. Thanks, you beloved oppressor.

Feck Yahoo
(jlucard, 18:44:14 - 31 Jul 2012 - / )

Ever woke up in the morning (ok, more like mid afternoon) only to find out that the world around you had been spinning again and you didn’t even notice. That sort of happens to me a lot during the last few days. First the Olympics arrived and I did not even realise something was up until the mother unit called 5 minutes before the big ceremony begun. A day or so later I decided to go out during daytime to get some supplies and got ambushed by a giant lady Godiva riding some sort of bicycle powered Trojan horse with insufficient panelling.

Baldur's Gate X 3
(NesCartesius, 18:10:44 - 11 Apr 2012 - / )

Some of you may know that I am a fan of the Baldur's Gate Saga. So, I would like to share with you some great news (Enhanced Edition in the making) and my insights into a still quite active modding community, that not only sought to improve the game, but recently proceeded to bring it to android devices.

No Moore here
(Alien, 16:24:06 - 24 Mar 2012 - )

sorry but i like a good pun in a title. this was originally a forum post but i ranted too long and desided to post it here. as such there's some bad grammer and the glare on this screen is too high to bother fixing the mistakes.

i happened to stumble across a screenshot i took in august 2008 of my router displaying my downstream rate. at the time i was pleased with how it read because it was the fastest broadband i had, well, had.

Game Developers VS Unicorns
(jlucard, 22:16:26 - 03 Nov 2011 - )

C#Despite popular belief invisible pink unicorns and amateur game developers are way more similar than most unicorns think. Sure, unicorns are horny all the time and they can run faster because they have two in the power of two legs. However your average unicorn is also a hardcore geek who appreciates binary as much as any of us. In fact the unicorns’ binary nature is what distinguishes them from the more conventional and, let us face it, boring mammals seen on the discovery channel. Think about it, unicorns would like to be pink but at the same time they are invisible, which sort of makes having an obsessive compulsive colour preference a rather pointless exercise in futility. Amateur game developers are exactly like that, apart from not been invisible or having an unhealthy fixation with the colour pink (in most cases).

60 FPS and Beyond
(jlucard, 01:04:02 - 02 Oct 2011 - )

C#The simple fact is that since most monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate anything beyond that is wasted – then again maybe not. Recently I was trying to scroll a 2D image from left to right in one of my windows C#/XNA application. Oh wait, the other way around. In any case the direction was not the problem. The problem was that the scrolling was not exactly smooth. The sprite seemed to slow down and accelerate at various points during the animation.

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